Simple breakfast recipes. That is easy to make and Is good for your health.

Don’t you know what to do for breakfast today? These simple breakfast recipes are an easy breakfast packed with fluffy scrambled eggs, green peppers, bacon and cheddar cheese, all wrapped in two crunchy tortilla shells. It’s an easy meal, perfect for busy mornings!

If you were stranded on a desert island and could have only one meal, which would it have been? Breakfast, lunch, dinner?

simple breakfast recipes

It’d be a toss-up for me between pizza and breakfast. Pizza is my favorite non-breakfast food (unless you eat it for morning meal, as I do sometimes, it’s considered breakfast, right?) But morning meal is one of my favorite meals of the day. So, if I was stranded on a desert island, I’d probably choose a pizza for breakfast. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

And now I probably confused you, as I am not sharing a breakfast pizza with you today, but instead, a quesadilla recipe! Since I love breakfast anytime of the day, these quesadillas are perfect. A pizza breakfast is just going to have to wait until the next time…

These Easy morning meal Quesadillas are packed with fluffy, scrambled eggs, green peppers, bacon and cheddar cheeses, all wrapped in two crunchy tortilla shells. It’s an easy meal, perfect for busy mornings!

Since the egg breakfast ideas are the name of my game, you can be sure that this quesadilla breakfast recipe is a winner!

simple breakfast recipes

Truth be told, I’ve been wanting to make these quesadillas for a long time. I’ve had this idea for months, and although it’s not a new and creative recipe, it’s one that I really love. And because I’m all about expressing my favorite breakfast recipes, I knew you’d enjoy it, too.

And the simple thought of breakfast is the name of my match, friends!

Eggs, bacon, and cheese all wrapped up in a comfortable breakfast for busy mornings? Perfection, right over there! I’m always looking for ways to make my breakfast a little easier and a lot tastier, so these soft tacos have definitely done the trick.

And like most of my recipes, this breakfast quesadilla recipe with eggs and bacon is a whipping breeze! This can be prepared, cooked and ready to be devoured in less than 20 minutes from start to finish. How about a weekday morning meal or a weekday dinner

List of four simple breakfast that you need to know about.

  1. Microwave Egg Sandwich Breakfast.

simple breakfast recipes


When a slice of bread is toasted, you can have a microwave egg breakfast sandwich packed with vegetables and creamy cheese.

2. Greek toast with cherry tomatoes.

simple breakfast recipes

This greek-style avocado on toast is quick and healthy enough for a full weekday breakfast, but also fancy enough for any weekend brunch. You’re never going back to regular old toast again!

3. Pancakes of Pumpkin Protein.

simple breakfast recipes

Whether or not you’re a gym buff, leave the heavy lifting to these powerful pancakes made with plenty of pumpkin spice and a secret ingredient that will make your whole body happy.

4. Salad for Breakfast.

simple breakfast recipes

This morning, the meal is packed with bacon protein and eggs. What’s more breakfast than that?. And filling up the fiber from the greens and the sweet potatoes, leaving you full of energy.

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