What Are Hair Edges And How To Take Care Of Them.

Baby hairs, also known as edges are shorter hairs located at the hairline at the perimeter of textured hair. They are most commonly found on the hair of black and brunette women.

what are hair edges


Edges, a term born in the black community, are baby hairs that grow around the perimeter of the forehead. Killed edges are like a sweet kiss from God, and styling them is truly an art form What Are Hair Edges And How To Take Care Of Them.

Unfortunately, there are many styles we know and love (extra high ponytails, braids and weaves) that can tear your edges off in the worst possible way. Spoiler: There is no secret potion that can restore them to their glory in 30 days – but with time, patience, and expert commentary, you can actually restore your root.

  • Is doing your edges bad for your hair.

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Just let your edges be Even if you give up on relaxing, sometimes overdoing it with styling products can also cause damage. Attaching to the edge control might end up being more of a problem than it’s worth.

  • 2.Woman that started edges hair.

While Josephine Baker is the first artist on record to style her edges in the 1920s; 1930s movie star Rita Hayworth, née Margarita Cansino, surgically removed her natural baby hair and brushed back her hair to pass for a white woman.

What Are Hair Edges

  • How coconut oil grow your edges.

Natural oils like castor oil and coconut oil are helpful in keeping edges hydrated and stimulating growth Castor oil lubricates the hair shaft, which can reduce breakage, dandruff and flaking, Apply to your edges at night and watch your hair growcoconut oil for edges


  • How to regrow your bald edges.

1.Be gentle with the style.

2.Occasionally change your everyday styles to avoid constant tension on your edges.

3.Don’t skimp on the hydration.

4.maintenance of your edges.

5.give them even more love.

6.Deep condition regularly.

7.Try a protein treatment.

Also Look for an old toothbrush. The bristles of a medium-firm toothbrush will allow you to smooth your edges without being too rough. What Are Hair Edges.

Edges And Baby’s Hair Are Not The Same.

“Baby hair” is shorter hair that usually grows from the front part (or “edges”) of the hairline. Styling your baby’s hair is often referred to as “edge shaping” or “straightening”, and is effectively styled using an “edge control” product and a toothbrush (or other styling tool. fine styling)

While Edges are shorter hairs situated at the hairline region at the perimeter of textured hair.

And Which are most commonly found on Black and Brown women’s hair. What Are Hair Edges And How To Take Care Of Them.

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